Carla Peppler

Carla Peppler, BNSc, MPA, RN(EC), NP-PHC

As a Registered Nurse Practitioner, Carla Peppler brings a unique perspective to treat a wide variety of chronic medical conditions. Where traditional methods attempt to treat an illness, Carla treats the person. Most come to Carla through personal recommendation — seeing the results firsthand. Patients at Heartful Wellness are partners in a dialogue which seeks to treat the root cause. Wellness is the natural state of the body which Carla and her staff are there to restore.

Carla Peppler is a clinician par excellence in identifying and treating chronic disease and metabolic disorders from a natural functional medicine perspective.  She is a trained in natural therapies, functional medicine, bio-identical hormone therapy, chelation therapy, psychotherapy and energy therapy. 

She has a Bachelors in Nursing Science, a Masters in Public Administration and a Nurse Practitioner Primary Care Advanced Certificate.  She also had her Canadian Nurse Certification in Gerontology, Restorative Medicine Certification with AARM, Therapeutic Lifestyle Certification and Chelation Technician Certification from the American College of Advanced Medicine. Carla is a recognized speaker and workshop leader on many topics with respect to health and healing.  She also has served on many associations and Boards. Currently she is a Board of Directors member of the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority.

Carla is passionate about learning and imparting her knowledge and experience to clients in order to support them in achieving their health goals.