Experience has shown that there is a relationship between the mind, the emotions and the body and this relationship affects our state of health and our ability to heal. The interplay between the many aspects of our personality - our needs, unconscious reactions, emotional wounds, repressed emotions, aspirations and fears – and the functioning of our physical body is critical to understand if healing is to take place. Our body is very wise, always giving us clues as to what issues are not being addressed. By exploring the meaning of our aches, pains, illnesses and dis-ease, we may create more lasting health for ourselves.

We intuitively know this to be true.  We know how feeling anxious or nervous about something can give rise to an upset stomach, constipation, back ache or headache.  We know that stress can lead to ulcers, heart attacks and infections.  Depression and unhappiness make our bodies feel heavy, tense and lethargic.  When we feel joyful, our vitality and energy increase, we feel more alive, have less colds and need less sleep.

The concept of the body-mind-emotions is based on the belief in the unity and integrity of each human being.  We are more than the sum of our parts. These various aspects of us cannot be isolated from each other.  They are in constant relationship with each other and have intimate knowledge of each other. An illness may be telling the person that he/she needs to stop doing something or make a different life choice.

This new way of looking at the human being is called psychoneuroendocrinology or psychoneuroimmunology.  Medicine has found that neuropeptides (chemical messengers in the body) relay messages between the psyche, the neurological system, the endocrine (hormonal) system and the immune system.

We are the sum total of all that has happened to us.  The body retains everything that it has ever experienced – all the events, emotions, stresses, joys and pains are locked within the various body systems.  Our bodies become a walking autobiography.  Pain, illness or the malfunction of our bodies can therefore be seen as a message that we have a conflict of emotions and thoughts that is threatening to us.  When we can recognizes that the body is expressing what lies beneath the surface, that it is a mirror for us to look in to see our inner selves, then we can see how our illnesses are our means to finding balance and health.

At the Heartful Wellness Centre we can support the client to better understand the meaning of their illnesses and provide support/counseling to deal with unresolved issues and develop more effective ways of coping with life’s daily challenges.