IV CoQ10

CoQ10 or ubiquinone is a naturally occurring fat-soluble quinone with vitamin-like properties.  It functions as an antioxidant.  Its greatest concentration is in the mitochondria where energy is made for every cell in the body.  The heart has very high energy demands and a very high concentration of CoQ10.  It is also helpful in maintaining healthy gum tissues, slowing down the aging process and maintaining healthy ovaries.  IV CoQ10 has been recommended for long term treatment as a hypotensive and cardioprotective agent.  It is especially useful in the treatment of congestive heart failure.  Studies have shown that heart patients typically have severe deficiencies of CoQ10. Some signs of CoQ10 deficiency area muscle aches and pains, liver dysfunction and mental deterioration.

The bioavailabilty of CoQ10 orally is poor. To facilitate the uptake of CoQ10 by peripheral tissues it is necessary to raise blood levels many times. This can be achieved using intravenous CoQ10.  CoQ10 is used for the treatment of cancer, mitochondrial disease and heart disease.  New research is supporting its use in large doses for the recovery from stroke.

Low levels can be caused by a poor ability to manufacture it in the body, poor intestinal absorption and/or higher than normal use (eg. lots of exercise). A poor ability to manufacture CoQ10 can be caused by a lack of tyrosine, B6, B2, B3, folic acid, B12, B5 and other nutrients.  Yeast can interfere with intestinal absorption. The yeast use the CoQ10 and alter it before the intestines can absorb it into the blood stream.

IV CoQ10 treatments take 90 minutes.  The number of treatments depends on the individual and the treatment goals.