Legacy Continuum Award

The Academy of International Bio-Energetic Sciences was founded to address the needs of the 21st century in educating holistic and alternative medicine practitioners. The Academy teaches cutting edge information in functional and energetic medicine. Medical Practitioners learn about the BioEnergetic Legacy which includes the work of the early pioneers in natural medicine and the latest medical advances in microbiology, pathology, biochemistry and physics.

The Academy consists of thousands of practitioners in clinics across North America and worldwide that practice functional and bioenergetic medicine. Through the work of this international community of innovative practitioners, the Legacy lives on, inexorably weaving its way through out time – The Legacy Continuum.
Each year the “Legacy Continuum Award” is given to a practitioner in recognition of their selfless service in the advancement of the principles and application of BioEnergetic Medicine.
The 2014 winner of the Legacy Continuum Award is Carla Peppler, Nurse Practitioner at the Heartful Wellness Centre in Hanover Canada. When being presented with the award, Dr. Robert Cass said about Carla:
“To practice BioEnergetic medicine requires a fierce sense of purpose, an open mind, an open heart and a keen willingness to explore proven historical protocols and innovative approaches prepared specifically for the present time in which we find ourselves. Your courage, leadership, compassion and innovative spirt are an inspiration to all who aspire to the highest and finest in this, the noblest of arts”.

The Legacy
The Legacy is the spirit and acumen of countless brilliant European, Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, North, South and Central American traditional medical practitioners, past and present that have contributed to the Central Principle of healing – that the capacity to heal and be healed is a matter of a restorative realignment with the central vital force that flows through all of us.